Pet Stains And Odor

Pets Stains and Odor Removal in Edmonton

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Pets Stains and Odor Removal in Edmonton

For pet owners, pets are treated like family members and provide companionship for their owners. But having a pet in your home can make it difficult to keep it clean. Even well-trained pets can have an accident and leave stains and odors which can make a home look and smell dirty and unclean. Getting rid of pet urine can be difficult because you may not know when or where it happened. If urine is left in the carpets. it will make it more difficult to remove later and can start to cause stains and spots. That is why you need to use a professional cleaner like Newest Carpet Cleaning. We know the best and safest way to remove pet urine and odors. Newest Carpet Cleaning professionals are trained to clean and deodorize all types of carpet, rugs and upholstery. We have the knowledge to understand what type of stain and the best cleaning process to remove stains and odors. We first examine the rugs  with a black ultraviolet light, these lights expose the areas that are affected by the urine. We use this method along with a moisture probe to easily detect the areas that cannot be easily visible to the naked eye. Our cleaning solutions and deep Cleaning process will reach the carpet and remove most stains depending on the carpet fibre and age of the stain and odors. When we are done you will have a clean and fresh home again free of the pet odors. Plus your carpets and rugs will be clean again and free of any bacteria caused by urine. If want to lean more about our stain and odor removal service, call us at (780) 868-8545

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Black Light Detection


Pet urine can be detected by using a black light, now that we can see it, we can treat the urine successfully and remove the odor.

Urine will go through the carpet

Urine removal Edmonton

We have the knowledge and tools to remove the odor as apposed to  "controlling" the odor.