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Residential Carpet Cleaning in Edmonton

How We Clean Your Carpet ( IICRC STANDARDS )

Residential Carpet Cleaning Edmonton

Newest Carpet Cleaning in Edmonton Cleaning Procedure

Pre Inspection:

Upon arriving to your home, we will completely go through your home with you, giving you ALL of your options and what to expect from the cleaning. This way there are " NO SURPRISES". Once we evaluate all your needs, the cost of the job will be set. This will occur all before the cleaning THAT'S THE TOTAL COST with  NO "add on's. Most unethical carpet cleaners will do half the job then hit you with a bill that was not discussed PRIOR to setting up and cleaning.

1) Pre-Vacuum

We ask our clients to vacuum  before we arrive. Vacuuming the dry soil means faster and more efficient cleaning. Every carpet should be vacuumed prior to cleaning. Dry soil Is easier to remove that wet soil.

2) Pre-spotting:

Cleaning solutions will be used in the treatment of stains, spills, and spots on the carpet. Some stains are permanent changes to the carpet fibre, especially on nylon. Spots are generally on the outside of the fibre and are more likely to be removed. ALWAYS point out the stains and spots to your technician, It will be more likely that we can remove a spot or stain if we know what it is!

3) Preconditioning:

The application of cleaning solutions will be sprayed according to the type of fibre we are dealing with. Different carpets require different cleaning solutions. These solutions will loosen the soil from the fibre.

4) Hot Water Extraction:

A complete and thorough hot water extraction is key to a clean carpet. The preconditioning needs to be rinsed out COMPLETELY. This step is crucial in maintaining the beauty of your carpets and keeps the carpet from premature resoiling.

5) Application of Fabric Protection:

After the carpet has been rinsed and extracted, a reapplication of DuPont protector should be applied to the carpet fibers. This invisible energy field of protection will assist in the future removal of spots and spills and will aid in dry soil removal during your regular vacuuming. This will not affect the hand or color of your carpet.

6) Carpet Grooming:

The basic feature of the carpet groomer is to lift and fluff the pile of the carpet. While grooming the pile, the design, texture, and pattern structure are restored. This process helps distribute the carpet protector evenly and helps in aeration of the carpet thus shortening the drying time.

7) Blocks, Tabs and Sliders

Styrofoam blocks and tabs are placed under wood or metal furniture to prevent dye bleeding and rust from furniture legs to the carpet.  This also keeps the moisture from penetrating the wood legs of your furniture. We will also place plastic sliders under all the furniture, this way NOTHING touches the pre-spray and makes for easier moving. We ALWAYS have clean footwear for inside your home. Towels and blankets are place over hardwood floors and tiles to prevent scratching. We are completely professional. 

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